JOWA AG auf dem Weg zur digitalen Transformation

JOWA has relied on Autexis’ experience since the start of 2016. Production is being fully digitised at the new plant in Gränichen, Switzerland. Automation and informatics were combined, thereby increasing flexibility and process reliability, improving efficiency and shortening logistics paths.

From the silo to goods shipping The new ‘Plant 2’ in Gränichen is capable of producing 15,000 tonnes in addition to the 35,000 tonnes of frozen bread produced annually. JOWA built a new bakery with fully integrated processes within 20 months, thereby ensuring full traceability – from the silo along the production lines to the packaging facilities and labelling systems, onward to the high-bay warehouse and right down to when the goods are shipped. Here a so-called door scanner scans the delicious products for the very last time before they leave the plant in Gränichen.

The concept: vertical integration (shop floor management)

The Autexis solution used at JOWA in Gränichen consists of the Autexis Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and a WinCC system (process visualisation system). MES is used to manage all plant orders and materials. They are then able to communicate with all systems from different manufacturers. The status of the production or packing order is then shown on the user interface in real time. The status of the individual processes is shown, for example, or even when the orders started or were completed. All important process data across all plants is visualised in WinCC.

Phase 2

It is now possible to use a whole range of valuable MES assets. The plants can be optimised for the future using OEE measurement. A fully integrated paperless quality assessment tool can be introduced and preventative maintenance can also be calculated with an algorithm.

Client benefits

JOWA can now fully trace its batches which facilitates quality control and increases plant efficiency. Comprehensive visualisation enables JOWA to keep the entire process under control at all times and have an overview of production. The decentralised Autexis solution that communicates with the centralised Autexis instance makes it possible to guarantee that production will carry on reliably even in the event of a data network failure.